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Corces, it’s figured no sexual impropriety got taken place

Corces, it’s figured no sexual impropriety got taken place

The newest parishioners statement delivered statements, images, and you will lodge details away from Corces getaways to help you Puerto Rico and you will Trick West which have Cardenas.

Together with noting the brand new frequency in which Corces spent the latest nights from the Cardenass condo, the fresh new statement in addition to shown the equipment cable supply bill is in Corces term.

Nonetheless, Wenskis last declaration to your matter showcased one “in accordance with the outcome of comprehensive interview of all of the persons that have expertise in possible of those accusations as well just like the results of a voluntary polygraph examination of Fr. ”

“New allegations had been that he is dishonest, not that he was having sex using this guy,” Armesto told you. “He had been with unsuitable reference to an employee under their supervision.”

The fresh Archdiocese regarding Miami did not release virtually any factual statements about Corces polygraph or adhere to LifeSiteNews request a summary of all the questions the new priest are requested.

Despite Wenskis receipt regarding Corces failure to check out “clear archdiocesan procedures,” their July 5 letter announced you to definitely “to your an optimistic mention, St. Flower of Lima Parish and you may School had been from inside the conformity towards the Archdiocese out-of Miami Protected surroundings protocols throughout the Fr. Читать далее »