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Seventeen percent of all the respondents—32% of men and you can 7% of females—got had sex

Seventeen percent of all the respondents—32% of men and you can 7% of females—got had sex

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Peruvian secondary school students’ attitudes of their peers’ intercourse was one of the most uniform predictors of one’s own behavior, according to results of a study conducted into the nine locations. step 1 For example, guys who mentioned that lots of people they know had got gender was basically apt to be compared to those who believed that not one had over very is intimately experienced in order to have obtained multiple couples in the past three months; however, nevertheless they was indeed more likely as opposed to others to possess put a beneficial condom at first gender. Self-value and you can socioeconomic condition also enjoy another part in the choosing if or not young people commonly take part in high-risk or defensive intimate choices, however, students’ knowledge of reproductive illnesses is not something.

The fresh new survey was conducted in later 1998 as an element of a keen evaluation regarding Peru’s national sexuality training system, released when you look at the 1996. In every, six,962 students of 38 schools took part. Universities and you can people was in fact chosen courtesy a couple of-stage group testing in the Lima and eight most other metropolises one to portray the country’s biggest ecological regions (shore, slopes and you can forest).

Women people outnumbered males by nearly several to one once the a disproportionate quantity of every-women universities had been integrated; the latest researchers keep in mind that because they analyzed girls and you can boys independently, that it difference will not impact the abilities. Читать далее »